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New design for @THESUPPORTUS on twitter.

Chart of all-time-records at Soccer World Cups for the transatlantic diablog.

Additional designing for a transatlantic diablog video about boxer Prince Lorenzo Fuegah.

Additional designing for a Video- and Photo-Report about Boxer Prince Lorenzo Fuegah.

 (via PHOTO- AND VIDEO-REPORT: The transatlantic diablog on location as boxer Prince Lorenzo Kuegah hits form for his next fight)

Additional designing for this video by #THECUNECOPYRIGHTED.

Screen-design for the Transatlantic Taveller Video series.

New website-design of the Online-Magazine transatlantic diablog - based on the Wordpress-Theme Oxygen.
Additional designing for this Audio-score-video by #THECUNECOPYRIGHTED. The music was created for

New design for the @THESUPPORTUS Twitter-Channel. Part 2.
New design for the @THESUPPORTUS Twitter-Channel. Part 1.
"It’s all you need to know" Draft #1
Exhibition Draft #3
Exhibition Draft #2
Exhibition Draft #1
Designing and photos for this article on the transatlantic diablog.